Collars From Kenya

Recently Sylvia heard from to a wonderful man named Joseph Nganga Njoroge from Kenya living in the outskirts of a small town called Nakuru. He explained how in his home country of Kenya most families in Kenya keep dog(s) as a night guard to protect them, but due to poverty these dogs are underfed or not fed at all so they roam around looking food. Many of them are mistreated and sick so they run away from their home to face an unknown future. Once free they start roaming around looking for food, but this can lead to them being beaten, killed or injured permanently.
Jospeh has started to take in as many dogs as he can including one mother dog with 6 puppies and is doing his very best but is restricted at the moment as the dogs are being kept in an old building and his budget is very limited.
To raise funds Joseph makes collars and belts using different coloured beads and synthetic material. He intends to use the money to help feed the dogs and build them somewhere more suitable to stay whilst continuing to give them the love and care they need.
Sylvia has some of the collars here are beautiful and the photos do them little justice. Each bead has been placed carefully and they are bright, eye catching and absolutely unique.
Joseph can make collars to suit any size and can even write names in them. Please contact him directly on for more information, sizes and prices. We hope you will support Joseph to help with his care for all the dogs he takes in, loves and rehomes. You can see samples of the belts and collars below



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